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Miru's Journal
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Date:2004-05-25 10:57
Subject:Fans - A Rant

I suppose everyone has their own degree of comfort with being a fan. I think it is one thing to be a fan of an actor, read about him/her, write fan fiction, discuss the actor and their films, etc. But following a celebrity around the world for a 30-second autograph signing? Even if you have money and time to waste, why waste it on that? Why not something that enlarges you as a person? I have my own degree of comfort, which is largely that I don't care to meet them. I feel that it diminishes me as a person of value to over-value someone who is a mere celebrity in Hollywood. I find it ridiculous to spend all sorts of money and time to travel around the world to see someone who has very little to commend themselves other than celebrity.

I feel that most celebrities do not deserve so much of our attention and worship. They are celebrities because they get their faces on the big screen (or small screen) and usually, for no other reason. Some of the very best actors are not celebrities. Some of the worst actors are. And even the best actors are normal people with foibles and follies and live as boring lives as the rest of us between photo shoots and events. If any of us were to be in the inner circle of people who actually *knew* these people, we would see them as no more or less than us, yet we outsiders worship them and spend inordinate amount of time fantasizing about them and thinking of them. It is beyond what we would do with a real human and IMO, it is not healthy.

The fan worship of celebrities I find to be pretty sad, especially when it involves people turning their lives upside-down over a celebrity. When it moves from good fun - enjoying films or television shows, joining a mailing list, posting on a message board, writing fan fiction - to outright obsession, like spending all their time online, following their every move online and in real life, spending all sorts of money on travel and accomodation to see them for 30 seconds in real life, it is scary. It seems so empty an obsession to me personally and a reflection of our hero-worshipping artificial culture of image vs substance. Like so much wasted life.

I mean, what do fans hope to accomplish by going to a signing event and seeing the celebrity in person for their allotted 30 seconds? Do they really think it makes them any closer to the celebrity? Unless you are especially attractive or ugly, I doubt they will remember you of all the thousands of faces they see over time. I don't get it.

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Date:2004-01-11 10:43
Subject:Yeeee Hawwwww!

Yes, FOTR won BEST PICTURE at the Critics Choice awards!

Peter Jackson won BEST DIRECTOR!

ROTK won best ensemble cast!

Howard Shore won best score!


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Date:2004-01-02 00:04
Subject:OMG Deathmatch commeth...
Mood: amused

and the place is a mess!

takes broom and sweeps up the dustbunnies

I don't use this journal as a rule. My main journal is on journalfen and is used solely for DLA purposes.

But PLEASE vote for me! I always wanted to be a BNF and now get the chance without doing a thing! Which is good, because I am basically a lazy git and can't be bothered to actually do what BNFs do, like write lots of stories, get in fights online with other writers over content, style, etc. I don't take a lot of offence at people and generally don't whinge about how badly I'm treated, since, like, I dish it out. Gotta learn to take it! But, if you vote for me, I promise to do my very best to live up to your image of BNF. I promise that I will faithfully carry out the office as God is my witness and will delete and undelete my journal several times after taking a hissyfit or dozen.

Please go to onehandclapping to see the "real" me!

swiffers the ceiling fan

OMG I just saw that I am pitted against Esorlehcar! Forget what I said above. Vote for Esorlehcar! I SOOO want to see a deathmatch between Eso and MsA!

Vote for Esorlehcar for BNF!

I know I will be!

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